A Note From The Founder

Customization is everything to me.

Every business is truly different, from the products / services they sell to the way they operate. That's why customization is the single most important requirement when choosing which software to implement for your business.

Here's the problem, most software customizations cost tons of money and have no promise that they'll even work or help you realize efficiencies.

Plus, just wait a few months when you realize you need to add another component or field or metric or anything and you're back in the same customization loophole... This time maybe even needing a team of specialized experts.

How do I know all this?

Short answer: The hard way.

Long answer: Ok, you asked for it.

In (2017) I spent a lot of money on software solutions, which all came with high promises, but I quickly realized were very limited and in order to function properly for my business, required lots of customizations. So I dug deep and spent more money on customizations.

Wanna know the result?

A limited application that costed me a fortune to customize and now no longer worked with native features / modules… Wanna know why? You guessed it… Because I customized it away from it's original purpose!

I was beyond frustrated and researched like crazy to find an alternative and affordable customization solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

After exhausted searching I couldn't find one. Some looked promising but never was I going down the customization rabbit hole again, so what did I do?

I did what any rational and technically inclined person would do...I spent years of my life and put my heart and soul into creating a better platform! (probably a good time to thank my delivery guy for all the late night pizzas).

But what does that mean for you?

No more worrying about what potential customizations your business will need on top of what comes "out of the box". Puresol was designed from "out of the box" thinking, so you can customize to your hearts delight and you won't break any native functionalities!

And if you need experts to help you customize then be assured it won't take months to develop and most certainly not cost you a fortune.

I have a deep love for small and medium-sized businesses. They are born from necessity and backed by deep passion. They represent the heart and souls of the business owners and staff that work tirelessly.

Now you finally have a software that carries on your passion, now you have Puresol.